What is a social media agency & how does it work?

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FIRST OF ALL... I wanted to personally say THANK YOU for taking the time to purchase this course with your hard earned money to learn about how to create your own agency. These lessons will break everything down into DEEP detail on what I do, how I did it.... and how you can do it too. I'm going to teach you how to scale a social media marketing agency to $10,000+ per month by simply helping small businesses do their marketing. You can work worldwide, you can have freedom, make great money and have a lot of fun. I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me enough to buy this course, along with believing in yourself that you can learn from me.

This is your go to online resource on how to learn everything about social media. In this lesson you'll be learning about the basics of what a social media agency is, and how it operates. I'll be teaching the simple things on how to start your own agency. Two things to look at, you can create your own agency and work for yourself, by yourself... OR, you can build your agency to hire multiple people, and create a business that can scale fast. Both are great, both can create freedom and great money for yourself.

What is a social media agency? (SMMA)

  • Help with creating more leads and sales via social media platforms
  • Consistency with online updates and news
  • Create awareness of products and or business services
  • Building an online community around a brand/company
  • Target the proper audience
  • Daily management on social platforms (postings and engagement)
  • Postings to stories on all platforms
  • Responding to DM's, messages, comments etc
  • Content Creation (Photography and Video Content)

See all this information in the video and on the white board below

Watch the video in full detail to see more about the depths of what a social media agency is, and how it works. Enjoy the course!